Performance Concepts, Inc. provides professional, customized curriculum development and on-site training programs that support the organizational training goals of your business.  With service and flexibility as the cornerstone of our business, and passion and enthusiasm the pinnacle of our craft, we promise to make your goals our goals. We work together to develop strong leaders to build a bright future for your organization.





Leadership Development                                       Teambuilding


Customer Service                                                     Communication


Coaching                                                                  Business Communications


Employee Development                                         Performance Management


Process Analysis                                                        Root Cause Analysis


Conflict Identification and Resolution                   Resiliency Training


Change Management                                            Operations Management


HR Basics & Beyond                                                  Behavioral Interviewing Skills


Computer Skills                                                          Sales Training


Presentation Skills                                                      Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator   



Specilized Assessment Administration and Workshops                     


MBTI®                                                                            FIRO-B™


DiSC                                                                              CPI 260™


DDI Targeted Selection                                              StrengthsFinder



Special Events


Conference Speaking                                               Corporate Retreats


Spiritual Retreats                                                        

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